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Innovation & Quality is our Strength.

HIC Machinery was inaugurated in the year 1984 with the zeal to become the market leader in the business of corrugated box making machinery through quality and innovation, cost efficiency & by understanding the needs of clients. HIC Machinery is one of the biggest organizations in manufacturing In line Combined Automatic Paper Corrugated Board Making Plant. We are the first leading manufacturer in North India to produce the successful Automatic Plant for 3 Ply & 5Ply Corrugated Board, which are produced both with advanced technologies and in highly economical range. Having our own arrangements/setup for entire machinery/plant from the beginning (Casting) up to the final test & trial, we are in this line for the last more than two decades and have been serving the most reputed corrugators in the domestic as well as in international market with our quality products. To make certain that our customers receive the full value of their money, we follow a rigorous program of quality engineering from the design & material specifications through machining assembly & final testing. Our quality team constantly checks & rechecks every part of the machine.

HIC offers a wide range of paper conversion equipment, which enables the user to bring each unit up to the most recent technological trends and allows us to be in a leader in the field and earns a remarkable reputation worldwide.

Our products are to the international quality & standard with modern demands for easy to operate, compact in size, labour saving, economical, less maintenance required, etc.

HIC is producing 3 PLY/5PLY/7 Ply Corrugated Board production line, Flexo Printer, Die Punching and so on. Besides its domestic supply, we have also been exporting the plant/ Machinery to various countries like Canada, Europe, Egypt, South Africa, Iran, Uganda, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal. Dubai, Bulgaria and many more.

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Our Association with foriegn companies

We are stepping into the global market by associating with the top market leaders in field of corrugated machinery business who are best known for their innovations & research.

BP Agnati: Being a major worldwide specialists in the field, BP Agnati is able to provide integrated solutions including machines, control systems and other options optimized for the specific application of each client.They design and produce every component of our corrugators with the maximum configuration flexibility to suit any production requirement. Their machines are known for their high reliability over time and excellent performance in the most varied production conditions.

Emmepi Group: Emmepi Group is a company formed by a strategic partnership Logitec and Emmepi, led by Alessandro Bersanetti and Alberto Fioriti, which aims to market its machines with four manufacturing Divisions located in Milano, Perugia, Treviso and Cesena. This group is present in over 20 countries worldwide and has more than 4000 machines installed. The company is oriented towards the customer and offers innovative quality services that are technologically advanced in terms of design and development of integrated solutions, turnkey, on the basis of the excellence of the “Made in Italy”.

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